Development Services

Development of an Urgent Care Center requires multiple steps and frequent review. In reality, the decision to develop an urgent care center actually begins with a "pre-start up phase." This is the decision phase when a potential owner retains TLG to explore the realities that lay ahead, review relevant data, and then decide whether to proceed and commit to pursuing urgent care as a new way to deliver quality medical treatment - one that can mean greater financial independence and more time with family and friends.

Market Research and Site Selection

From the beginning TLG operates as a partner with the urgent care center developer, starting with a Market Research Plan, which plays a key role in ultimate site selection. Most often working with local real estate specialists, TLG relies on its own market research plus experience in choosing locations that have been most successful in other jurisdictions before recommending a site where a vacant space can become a state-of-the-art, vibrant new urgent care center.

Business & Financial Planning

TLG next develops a Business Plan, and along with a pro forma financial statement, projects the new business' financial picture into the future forming the basis of presentations to investors and/or lending institutions in seeking funds for the new urgent care center. TLG always partners with its clients in bank or similar meetings, either in person or remotely.

Consulting and Support

Let us take care of the details that are critical in getting your urgent care up and running properly :

Operational Support

Before the Doors Open

Start-up doesn't end with renderings and renovations. Many decisions made earlier translate into smooth operations ahead at this stage. TLG has the resources and contacts to help equip your new urgent care center for success: TLG can provide:

Value-Added Services

Everything you need to get up (and stay up) and running is available to the new Urgent Care Center owner will have the opportunity to make "value purchases" through a group purchasing organization with TLG staff assistance and their strategic partners. These added services include:

TLG can also work on evaluations and action plans to enhance efficiencies in the early days of the new urgent care center. Upon request, TLG will also perform annual or more frequent "check-ups" to ensure all operating systems are optimal, and if the center owner's vision extends to additional urgent care centers, TLG will develop rollout strategies for the future. As industry interest in accreditation grows, TLG will assist with preparation and presentation of required materials.

Staying on top of what urgent care will look like in the future—changing ways of doing business, changes in medicine, changing levels of care delivered on site, etc.—is an ongoing focus to the TLG team which all are committed to offering the best knowledge and skill base available in the urgent care industry today and tomorrow. TLG relationships with its clients remain strong long after a grand opening or the first patient has been served.